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Code and scripts for various active development projects are stored here for easy access by myself and others. I apologize to anyone who is a real programmer. Unless otherwise noted, code is released under the GPL.

Legacy material is still archived here. For all recent academic or personal projects, please check out my Github:

Generic RNG Wireless Node Setup

An all-in one package for installing monitoring, management, and configuration tools useful for both Rice’s ELEC 438 and our network deployment in Pecan Park. It is meant to be installed on a clean installation of Debian 6.0, and will configure itself as well as a modified ath5k driver.
  • RNG Setup v1.3 10/31/2011 – Solved compilation issues and made entire rng node setup offline (and faster!). Please see the package README for questions.
  • RNG Setup v1.2  09/23/2011 – (NOTE: the driver in this is currently NOT working! Please download and install driver as per instructions below) Fixed driver compilation issue that appeared with recent kernel header updates + asst. updates

Modified ath5k Driver

A snapshot of the ath5k driver modified to add support for 5/10/20 MHz channels, per-packet statistics, and a number of other small modifications for research use. This was developed and tested on a vanilla Debian system:
root@mynode:~# cat /etc/debian_version; uname -a 
Linux mynode 2.6.32-5-686 #1 SMP i686 GNU/Linux
Note that this has some very specific compatibility requirements due to some symbol definitions being moved from the compat-wireless package to the Linux kernel headers. If you compile it with any updated version of the Linux header files, you will probably run into a number of compilation errors; most of these errors can be fixed by addressing the compilation problems one-by-one on your machine by getting the conflicting definition locations, and commenting out the duplicate located in this compat-wireless branch.
1.  To install, cd to the unzipped folder and type:
  • ./scripts/driver-select ath5k
  • make
  • make install
  • make unload
  • modprobe ath5k

2.  To test the installed version of this driver, type “modinfo ath5k” at the prompt. You should see one line that contains “RNG – v12.7″ and some description inf0.

ALU Frequency Translator CLI

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