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Salivating at the Possibilities…

I’ve recently been pretty excited about the possibilities of the Raspberry Pi project in terms of do-it-yourself hardware and hacking fun. Having a full-featured computer on an open-source platform for $25 is pretty amazing. Given the video and network capabilities they’ve demonstrated, I’d like to take a look at the hardware design (I believe their plan is to open-source it) and see if we can’t starting making these suckers wirelessly enabled with a cheap Broadcom WiFi/Zigbee SoC.

The project’s founders have been getting major props for their stated goal of bringing these into school and spreading computer and code literacy to everyone. There’s no reason it has to be expensive to learn about the technologies that drive our modern lives (although wireless research is often very, very expensive). What’s amazing to me is that you can take some people to are really good at what they do and they can put something like this together in their spare time.

I’ll be one of the thousands of people jumping on the rush to order one of their first run of 10k boards.


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