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Salivating at the Possibilities…

I’ve recently been pretty excited about the possibilities of the Raspberry Pi project in terms of do-it-yourself hardware and hacking fun. Having a full-featured computer on an open-source platform for $25 is pretty amazing. Given the video and network capabilities they’ve demonstrated, I’d like to take a look at the hardware design (I believe their


Windows XP 3GB RAM Switch

Problem When using Xilinx System Generator to synthesize a large design, after some time the synthesis will halt and a warning about running out of memory will appear. This occurs when synthesizing the WARP OFDM Reference model from Rice University on Windows XP. The problem is that individual applications can address up to 3GB of


WARP FPGA Board v2.1 to v2.2 Pin Definitions

Problem The supply of WARP boards is limited, however there is a small number of version 2.1 FPGA boards that I’ve stumbled across. The only problem is that the basic OFDM reference model will not work with these boards since there was an error in their design, causing some of the pins to be routed


Removing Comments from a Configuration File

Problem Sometimes you just gotta remove all blank and commented lines from a configuration file in bash. I didn’t like a lot of the Google hits for this. Solution The following code removes all blank lines and all commented lines (including indented ones!) from the passed file. This does NOT deal with inline comments, since


Enabling mod_rewrite with self-hosted WordPress site

Problem Permalinks and Pages in my new WordPress site (you’re looking at it!) didn’t work. I would publish a page and it’d all go well except the Page simply wasn’t accessible to the public Internet. I just got a 404 error. This was silly, since I knew WordPress didn’t keep folders in its installation directory, and instead


Hello world!

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