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Ryan Guerra floating on a basket down a river in India.


Ryan is one of the founders and CEO of Skylark Wireless, a wireless technology company that develops and supports software-defined radios and TV-band White Space (TVWS) equipment for last-mile broadband connectivity. He has been on leave from the Ph.D. program at Rice University since 2016.

Skylark Wireless is involved in the efforts of many groups around the world to develop and deploy 5G Massive-MIMO and TVWS networks, otherwise known by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as “Super WiFi.” With much lower costs than cellular and much longer range than WiFi, TVWS networks can close the last-mile connectivity gap separating billions of people around the world from easy, low-cost access to broadband Internet services.

Ryan got his start as developer and administrator for the Rice University/TFA Wireless Research Network in the Pecan Park neighborhood of Houston, and quickly developed a passion for embedded software-defined radio design. He developed the technology and idea for Skylark Wireless while researching with Dr. Edward Knightly‘s Networks Group.

He is currently serving as PI to Skylark’s NSF SBIR Phase II Grant: “High-Speed TV-Band White Space Networks with Many-Antenna Multi-User Beamforming“ to develop high-speed rural broadband networks with Skylark’s proprietary beam-forming platforms and technology.

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